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Hello Artists!!!

It's almost the end of April…time is just going too fast!!

I'm sorry to inform you all…we have another scam going on…how do I know it's a scam? Well..i got an email to, they also want to buy MY art..which of course, I don't have any to sell..seems I don't paint… The name on the email is different, but the story is the same. If for some reason, you never received the original email explaining the scam you can go to this page to read all the details.

I would like to thank the other artists who brought this to my attention today also, I appreciate the way we all watch out for each other on this website! It's nice to know everyone has the other artists best interest at heart too!

I also want to let you all know, I will be taking a vacation, to Turkey…from May 7th to May 26th, so I'm just asking you to please not send me any information or updates for your homepages or websites until I am home. That way, your emails won't sit waiting in my inbox, unanswered, and the work undone! You are more then welcome to send me any updates you might have right up until May 5th.

I am very excited to announce to you a new concept in Artists Websites!

For those of you who do not all ready know, we have been developing a ‘new concept' for art websites! One that is not only very affordable…but YOU can maintain your own website! You don't need special software, or programming knowledge, it is very easy, straightforward and fast!!!

Our new website introducing this concept is

We host your domain name at no additional cost. It's included in the price!
You pick from one of our 3 professionally designed templates...colours can all be changed to suit your own personal taste...
There is a back end on the websites..therefore you are completely able to maintain your own website, adding, deleting images etc...changing never have to pay a programmer or wait for updates to be done!
How much?
$199.95 for the website. 49.95 per month (similar to leasing your service from Telus for a cell phone) for minimum 2 years.

We have been working on this new concept now for over a year! It's very exciting to finally see this vision become a reality! Please have a look there, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask me!

Some of you might have already noticed that we have a new look for our main page on!

I believe this new layout will assist visitors in their navigation around the website and will enable a greater ease for them to find your art! I will be changing the Gallery section as well in the near future, again, to make it better for the viewers!

I have also redesigned my personal website
For those of you who aren't aware, I develop, project manage and market all other industries as well as art. (Although, Art Websites remain my focus and my passion!)

I have also just had a redesign done on another one of our sites.
If you are a western artist, this is the site for you to check out!

I will be writing again once I return.
I appreciate all of you, and your presence on!
I hope this summer is your best ever!!


Lynda Baxter

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